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Street food is ready-to-eat foods or beverages, which includes many types of foods ranging from cereal and fruits to cooked meats and drinks.

It is usually sold in busy public areas, such as:

  • pavements
  • roadways
  • back alleys of markets
  • school premises
  • bus and railway stations
  • beaches
  • parks and other public spaces.

It is served with the minimum amount of fuss in individual portions dished into take-away containers.

These containers come in a variety of materials such as disposable plastic, paper and Styrofoam plates, bowls, cups and utensils.

Street food is...

Indian dish

  • Convenient - quickly available for people on the go.
  • Cheap - important for poor consumers who may not be able to afford a nutritious meal somewhere else.
  • Tasty, authentic and culturally enriching - as opposed to eating the same fast food from food chains with outlets around the world!

The popularity of tasty treats like vadai (fried savoury lentil cakes) in India, beef broth in Kenya and nasi lemak (rice with eggs and savoury sambal sauce) in Malaysia prove that people prefer traditional street foods over equally accessible fast food options.

Night food

Street food is where it's at

Haute cuisine is a treat, but street food is where it’s at!

It is part of an identity.
A natural expression of culture that cannot be found anywhere else.

Enduring consumer preference reflects this strength of cultural identities expressed in the cuisine and culinary traditions found on the streets.

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